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P20Q NEW 2016

Samway P20Q Hose Crimping Machine Hose Crimper With Quick Change tool and die rack

Band NEW Samway P20Q Hose Crimping Machine with quick change tool and die rack. 

P20Q P20MS P20CS Hose Crimping Machine Hose Crimper by Samway 

This Samway P20Q is certified by CE by Germany TUV. 

Samway P20Q P20 come with Parker Directional Valve, Korean Import Pump, Siemens Motor, Eaton Swtich, TUV CE certified.

P20Q P20MS P20CS Hose Crimping Machine Hose Crimper by Samway 








Samway P20 P20Q Hose Crimping Machine Hose Crimper

P20 P20Q Hose Crimper Basic P20MS hose crimping machine

P20MS Basic is a very robust machine ideally suited for the smaller service facilities.

Fast and easy operation

Ergonomic operation

Easy storage of dies

Reliable and Durable

Crimping range in mm: 10 - 61 mm
Crimping range in inches: 0,39 - 2,40
Crimping force in metric tons: 140
Crimping force in kN: 1400
Maximum hose size in inches: 1 ½”
Die Set:P20
Maximum travel of dies in mm: 25 mm
Master die Diam. /Lenght in mm: 84 / 80
Master die Diam. /Lenght in inches: 3,31 / 3,15
Machine control: Micrometer Screw
Motor size in kW 1 phase / 3 phase: 2,2 kW / 3,0 kW
Colour: Black / Orange

Depth: 400 mm
Width: 800 mm
Height: 530 mm

Samway P20 Basic 3 phase: 9028-00-14
Samway P20 Basic single phase: 9028-00-32

Optional Qucick change system (die rack and quick change tool)  

Samway P20 Hose crimping machine doesn't not include the die rack and quick change tool. 

Samway P20Q hose crimping machine includes the die rack and quick change tool. 


DEI SET included in the machine:

Model Samway P20/P20Q/P20MS Crimping Machine
Crimping Range in inch 0.39-2.4
Crimping Range in mm 10-61
Crimping Force ton 140
Hydraulic hose 1 1/2’’ 4SP
Crimping Accuracy 0.01mm
System Power 3KW by SIEMENS motor 3 phase / 220V single phase/110V single phase 60HZ
Control System Precision Micro Dail
Crimping Unit (L*W*H) 400*800*530
Weight of the Crimping Unit 145 KG
Die sets included (9 sets in total) 10 13 16 19 22 26 30 39 45 

Optional die sets according to your request. 

This Latest Samway P20 P20Q P20MS P20CS is new and shipping from May of 2016. ( All old versions are discontiuned at the same time) 

Please feel free to contact samway for more detailed inforamtion of the Smaway P20 Hose Crimping Machine  

Contact Samway by Email samwaysales@gmail.com